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Human Resources and Talent Management

Encompass People And Digitization For Your Best Outcomes

Human Resources Can Be Challenging

Valenta offers comprehensive HR solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses in the United States. Our structured and systematic HR programs enable businesses to attract top-tier talent and foster ongoing development. With a strong understanding of the strategic and cultural needs of US businesses, our team of HR specialists provides unbiased insights and support to complement your existing HR team or work independently.

Our flexible HR solutions accommodate both cyclical hiring needs and ongoing HR support, providing various packages that can be customized to align with your specific objectives. Whether you require virtual staffing, consulting programs, or automation, we have the expertise to deliver solutions that streamline your HR processes and alleviate recruitment stress.  By partnering with Valenta, you gain access to world-class HR resources that optimize talent management in your business.

Valenta Has Comprehensive HR Consulting Services

Our virtual staffing services include Virtual HR Representatives who work with your HR processes and software.  They handle administrative tasks such as maintaining employee data, managing HR policies and processes, and administering performance management programs. This allows you to maintain control of your HR process while freeing up time and resources.

Valenta automation capabilities streamline your HR operations by utilizing smart technologies that accelerate and refine hiring and talent management processes. With automation, you can identify, onboard, and manage candidates faster and more accurately, ensuring seamless 24/7 operations that improve efficiency and productivity.

In addition to our core HR solutions, we provide consulting services to support businesses in various aspects of HR. Our Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Program is designed to assist businesses at any stage of their diversity journey. We help create a strategic workforce planning approach that aligns with your business goals and objectives. Our consulting solutions include assessing your current state, benchmarking against industry standards, and implementing systems, processes, or training tailored to your specific needs.

Valenta Has HR Consulting Close to US Clients

With a local presence across the United States, our Managing Partners possess extensive experience in HR consulting and can deliver tailored solutions that consider the unique characteristics and requirements of your business. Whether you are a small or large enterprise, Valenta HR expertise can help you attract top talent, optimize your HR operations, and achieve long-term success.  Partner with Valenta in the United States and book a free consultation to discuss how our customized HR solutions can benefit your business. Let us help you navigate the complexities of HR, streamline your processes, and unlock the full potential of your workforce.

More About Our HR Consulting Services

HR solutions
Flexible HR Solutions to Suit Your Needs
Various packages are available that are designed to suit both cyclical hiring needs or ongoing HR support. Through virtual staffing, consulting programs and automation, we provide you with the flexibility to choose solutions that suit your objectives. The opportunity is also available to tailor these packages further, ensuring that your business practices and processes are 100% supported by Valenta.
hr process automation
Streamline Processes with Automation
Our team will execute your HR functions with smart technologies, including automation, that will accelerate and refine your hiring and talent management processes. Imagine identifying, on-boarding and managing candidates with the support of smart technologies that are 5x faster than humans, make zero errors and operate 24/7!
Virtual Staffing

Virtual HR Representative


Relieve your HR administrative burdens with Valenta’s Virtual HR Representatives, who will work with your businesses HR processes and software. Maintain control of your HR process whilst freeing up your time and resources, and leverage our extensive expertise to streamline and find the best talent for your business.

A Sample of Valenta's Solutions

  • Employee data and online personnel file maintenance
  • Maintain HR policies & processes
  • HR program administration; such as administration of performance management
  • Consult and answer questions from employees and supervisors on HR processes and policies
  • Create and maintain job descriptions
  • Process salary updates
  • Generate HR monthly and quarterly reports
  • Generation of ad hoc reports, upon request

Virtual Talent Acquisition Representative

Fast-track and streamline your on-boarding with a Virtual Talent Acquisition Representative who will do the leg work for you and your business. Specialized in screening and identifying talent quickly, the Virtual Talent Acquisition Representative is ideal for businesses who have a high staff turn-over, or experience cyclical periods of hiring. Packages can be tailored to suit business needs, with flexibility on time frames for staff requirements.

A Sample of Valenta's Solutions

  • Post job descriptions on job boards
  • Coordinate with recruitment agencies (as needed)
  • Source candidates and maintain pipeline
  • Screen candidates
  • Conduct phone or virtual conference screening
  • Present candidates to hiring managers
  • Assemble offer packages
  • Track cycle time and generate reports
  • Coordinate pre-hire contingencies; such as drug screening, background checks, credit checks, and more
  • Coordinate entry of new employee details into systems
  • Provide first day details
  • Delivery of candidate experience metrics
  • Inclusion and diversity best practices process design and ATS recommendations or implementation
  • Additional periodic consultation on employer branding

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Program


The Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Program is designed for businesses at any point in their business journey, whether they are starting a diversity program or maturing their existing framework. Create a strategic approach to workforce planning for long-term benefits. Valenta will design and implement a HR program that is efficient and accurate, and suits your business goals and objectives. This program is also ideal to complement other Valenta HR services, integrating with talent acquisition, performance and talent management.

A Sample of Valenta's Solutions

  • Assessment of current state
  • Benchmarking against industry standards
  • Define program goals, milestones, behavior change management plan and employee engagement plan
  • Implement systems, processes or training which could include leveraging your existing systems or integration of new offerings
  • Dashboards and on-going metrics
  • Road map development and execution

College Recruitment Program

The Valenta College Recruitment Program is a wonderful initiative that is designed to support our burgeoning talent, as well as provide your business with the opportunity to secure the best new talent in market. Relieve the pressure from your business and let Valenta develop and execute an intern program where we handle the deadlines and time-consuming administration tasks.

Our team of specialists will develop a value proposition that appeals to candidates, even when competing with larger players in the field, including Fortune 500. A competitive internship offer can be developed through strategic positioning with the help of our team of HR specialists.

A Sample of Valenta's Solutions

  • Assessment of talent needs
  • University research and recommended schools to target
  • Develop and present go-to-campus strategy including schools and forums to target, company value proposition to students and marketing plan
  • Initiate and maintain university relationships
  • Coordinate with businesses to obtain seasonal hiring targets for interns and direct hires
  • Create and maintain seasonal schedule and University deadlines
  • Coordinate with hiring managers for selections and offers
  • Extend offers
  • Coordinate on-boarding activities; for interns, coordinate off-boarding activities
  • Develop and coordinate engagement activities for interns and hires

Talent In Motion Program

Develop and implement a strategic hiring and recruitment process, backed by a framework that builds talent into world-class resources. Create a strong competitive advantage within your enterprise. Strategic workforce and talent planning is the key to driving business growth. Through a structured framework and the right support your business can leverage it’s current (and new) talent to engage, innovate and drive your success.

Phase 1: Prepare for Launch

  • Selection of 3-5 strategies over 3 years
  • Leaders identify management roles that are critical to execute strategy
  • A talent vision statement and goals are developed to support strategy
  • The critical roles are analyzed and matched with the 3-5 top competencies needed for success
  • These competencies are used to create talent pools-called links. They can be stand-alone or combined as needed. Links can be based on business line and/or standard business function (such as IT or finance)
  • The workforce is analyzed and categorized into the link(s). Gap analysis is performed to identify links that need to be strengthened
  • Identify 'rising achievers' who may become achievers with additional coaching and development. Identify 'experts' and 'rising experts' who either have deep knowledge in their link or potential for deep knowledge with more training and coaching
  • Share strategies, vision and goals with the workforce to create engagement
  • Encourage employees to express their interests in the various links
  • Identify management mentors for each link

Phase 2: Reach for the Stars

  • Supervisors trained in talent scouting employees; management mentors assist in assessing scouted employees
  • Depending on client's work culture, employees may also be encouraged to scout others and nominate fellow employees for links or internal jobs or roles
  • Optional implementation of employee assessment testing
Train and Develop
  • Assign meaningful training based on links
  • Gig work (short term experiential development work assignments)
  • Revisit business strategies and changes needed
  • Review new roles and emerging requirement
  • Review each link and competencies associated, and determine if adjustments are required
  • Conduct a talent review to determine if there are any changes to 'achievers', 'rising achievers', 'experts' and 'rising experts'
  • Communicate changes (if any) to workforce
  • Reinforce key business strategies and how the links support business goals
  • Motivate employees through sharing of success stories
  • Trust your training and development program and move employees into roles or work assignments that allow them to stretch
  • Foster an environment where employees feel safe to stretch and innovate

Performance Management Program Design & Support

The cornerstone of the Performance Management Program is in ensuring business goals and values are tied to performance outcomes. This program has flexible options available which can include one-time program design and setup, or continuous support from a Virtual HR Representative. Integrate your employee voice into your program for ultimate success, and strengthen the cultural connection between your employees and your business goals.

A Sample of Valenta's Solutions

  • Design new performance processes
  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Develop a behavior change management plan
  • Implement new program
  • Assess current performance program
  • Understand business strategies, goals and values
  • Conduct needs assessment and gap analysis
  • Present recommendations to leaders (including systems)

Change Management Program


Engage a team of specialists who have extensive change management experience across both SMBs and enterprise. Execute change seamlessly and with reduced impact across your business. Change management solutions are designed based on your requirements. At Valenta we can make recommendations to support change, develop extensive change management programs where your HR resources execute or develop and execute a full end-to-end change management solution.

A Sample of Valenta's Solutions

  • Needs analysis - facilitating workshops as needed
  • Change impact analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Develop change management strategy
  • Develop key messages
  • Stakeholder engagement plan
  • Create implementation plan
  • Develop materials (videos, training, communications, and more)
  • Execute plan

Digitize Personnel Files


Reduce your physical storage space, and the mundane day-to-day burden that comes with onsite filing. Through the use of BOTs and automation technologies, safely and securely maintain personnel files, ensuring they are accessible anywhere, anytime. Improve corporate compliance and conduct audits with ease, and leveraging these technologies to streamline your efficiencies.

Leverage Bots

Scan and attach forms to new hire files

A Sample of Valenta's Solutions

  • Assess current state
  • Cloud recommendations subject to objectives
  • Scanning and migration process
  • Design process and access model
  • Develop and update employee data privacy policy, right to access (GPDR compliant)
  • E-signature process
  • Implement and update retention schedule

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