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Paraplanner and Virtual Assistant

Valenta is the largest Paraplanning and Financial Planning Virtual Assistant service provider globally. Valenta’s team of Paraplanners and Financial Virtual Assistants help Financial Planning and Wealth Management executives transform their operations and increase productivity and profitability through a combination of Staffing, Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Valenta’s team of Paraplanning and Administration professionals are highly qualified and certified on all leading software applications.

Our Paraplanning, Administration Specialists and Virtual Assistants can provide the following services:

Insurance Support

  • Insurance Analysis (Life, Disability & LTC)
  • Insurance Need Analysis (HLV & Goal)
  • Illustration Creation and Comparison
  • Proposal Creation and Disclosures
  • Pre-Filling Applications
  • Underwriting Monitoring
  • Cashflow Income Projections (VUL and IUL)

Financial Planning Support

  • Risk Analysis and Evaluation
  • Creating Financial Planning Profile (eMoney, MGP, RightCapital, NaviPlan)
  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Budgeting, Debt Consolidation and Restructuring
  • Tax Planning (Contributions and Tax Loss Harvesting)
  • Retirement Planning (DCP, DBP, IRA etc)
  • Insurance Planning (Life, DI and LTC)
  • Education Planning (529 and Coverdell)
  • Estate Planning (Will, POA, HCP, DAF and Trust)

Administrative Support

  • Client Onboarding
  • Meeting Agendas (Pre & Post meeting)
  • Meeting Summary (Mind map, Asset-Map, Financial Profiling)
  • CRM & Data Management
  • Client and Business Communication
  • Form Filling (Schwab, EQIS, Kingdom Trust, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity)
  • Daily reporting (Orion and Tamarac)
  • Quarterly/Monthly Newsletters

Investment Analyst Support

investment support
  • Portfolio Review (Current and Proposed)
  • Periodic Portfolio Rebalancing (80:20, 70:30, 60:40)
  • Equity Research (Stocks, ETF, MF, Bond)
  • Sectoral Research (Cannabis, Meat, Super Market)
  • Private Investment (Opportunity Zone)
  • Rental Real Estate (Commercial and Housing)
  • IPS Creation

“Perhaps the most interesting option is something called Valenta, which originated when a financial planner in that country found that his brother, living in India, could provide good staff solutions for his planning firm. Anja Luesink of Luesink Stenstrom Financial Planning in New York City says that Valenta provides her firm with two 20-hour-a-day paraplanners at prices that are ideal for smaller firms that don’t have the resources to hire full-time back office staff. And, she says, the time zone differences are a plus. “When I ask to do something at night, it is ready the following morning,” she says.” Exchange Conference Invitation.”

Quoted from Bob Veres in Outsource e-Column

13 Point Financial Planning Practice Health Check

How we add value?

Our Paraplanning and Virtual Assistant services deliver significant value to our clients by the reducing cost of operations, helping them attain world class cost structures, and implementing effective controls. We have standardized all Paraplanning and Virtual Assistant processes with a high degree of automation.

We have comprehensive and integrated Paraplanning and Virtual Assistant service capabilities. We augment our capabilities by continuously investing in building Paraplanning and Virtual Assistant expertise through:

  • Continuous investment in Automation and AI Technologies
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures for each of our clients
  • Provide clients with a Real Time Visibility Platforms
  • A Dedicated Financial Planning Academy, which focuses on increasing domain expertis

Identify and Eliminate Manual Processes

Finance and Accounting Software Application Expertise:



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Valenta Paraplanning Pricing Packages

Full Time Paraplanner

40 hours per week

From $ 2,500 per month

Part Time Paraplanner

20 hours per week

From $ 1,250 per month

Full Time Virtual Assistant

40 hours per week

From $ 2,200 per month

Part Time Virtual Assistant

20 hours per week

 From $ 1,100 per month

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