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Conversational AI is Integral to Digital Transformation

Using Conversational AI people can communicate with software and machines

Conversational AI and Digital Transformation

Conversational AI is an innovative technology that transforms the way businesses interact with customers and employees.  As US Based companies have embraced Digital Transformation Conversational AI is being adopted at an increasingly rapid clip.  Conversational AI uses machine learning and natural language processing to enable computers and software to communicate with people in a natural and human-like manner.  In combination with other software, it can hypercharge automation efforts.

Conversational AI is Important for Many Industries and Functions

The applications of Conversational AI are virtually endless.  Conversational AI is already transforming industries such as healthcare, retail, banking, financial services, and insurance.  Consumer goods, manufacturing, and a host of other service-related industries are also increasingly leveraging it.  Conversational AI can be used in a variety of business functions such as HR, IT, operations, sales, marketing, and customer support, to name a few.  Because Conversational AI can aid so many different areas within a company more and more of our US clients ask us for consulting, implementation, and Conversational AI managed services.

Improve Customer Experience and Employee Productivity

Conversational AI has the power to enhance both customer and employee experience.  For customers, waiting in queues to speak to a live agent is a thing of the past.  Smart chatbots powered by Conversational AI allow customers to experience human-like interactions with bots.  These bots can perform complex tasks and provide personalized experiences.  For employees, Conversational AI can automate mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-level tasks and problem-solving.  At its core, conversational AI is a digital transformation tool that can add significant value to businesses of all sizes.  In combination with RPA, it is referred to as Hyper Automation.  By leveraging the power of machine learning and natural language processing, businesses can provide personalized and efficient experiences that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.


What Our Clients Say About Conversational AI

Some of the top benefits of Conversational AI that our US clients share with us include the following.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience - Conversational AI-powered chatbots can provide personalized and efficient support to customers, enhancing their experience and satisfaction.
  • Increased Efficiency - Conversational AI can automate mundane tasks and reduce manual intervention, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Better Decision-Making - Conversational AI can analyze large amounts of data and provide insights that can help businesses make informed decisions.
  • Improved employee experience: Conversational AI can automate routine tasks and allow employees to focus on more complex and strategic work.
  • Scalability - Conversational AI can handle a large volume of interactions simultaneously, allowing businesses to scale their operations without adding additional resources.

Consulting, Implementation, and Conversational AI Managed Services

Valenta Conversational AI services are tailored to your business needs and objectives. Our team of experts includes developers, solution architects, business analysts, infrastructure engineers, and process heads who work together to create a customized conversational AI strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives.  Valenta Conversational AI consulting services will help your organization define the best AI implementation for your unique business. Our Conversational AI implementation and Conversational AI  Managed Services will help you launch AI and Digital Transformation projects quickly and cost-effectively. By adopting conversational AI, your business can revolutionize the way it interacts with customers and employees, drive efficiency, and improve overall business operations. Don’t miss out on this game-changing technology.  Contact us today to learn more about our Conversational AI solutions and how we can help your organization unlock its full potential.

Conversational AI Use-Cases

increase profits, Scalability


Order Management, Up-Sell and Cross-Sell, Channel Sales Automation


Smart lead generation, Conversational banners, AI powered landing pages
employees, support

Human Resources

Employee On-Boarding, Leave Management, Meeting scheduler, Reimbursement processing, Payroll Management


Incident Management, Smart Lookups, Critical alerts and monitoring, FAQ, and knowledge management

Customer Support

24/7 Chat and Call Support, Multilingual support, Omni-Channel support, Live agent transfer


Auto Trigger workflows, Document cognition, Auto-escalation, TAT and Error Rates

Benefits of Leveraging Conversational AI


Cost Efficiency

  • Chatbots can reduce significant costs within any contact center. Not only can the chatbots work 24/7, but they also always operate at the same efficiency. Chatbots can reduce the AHT (Average Call Handling Time) significantly and reduce the burden on the human agent who is now able to focus on the more serious and priority-based queries.
  • There are several other cost benefits ranging from salaries, overheads such as office space, utilities, staff welfare, pensions, superannuation, insurance, and so on.
  • Call centers, in general, have always had staffing issues due to the high attrition rate globally and this has led to high recruitment and training costs therefore intelligent chatbots are now seen as the new age contact center that work alongside human agents to improve C-SAT (Customer Satisfaction) and E-SAT (Employee Satisfaction)

Instant Responses and Higher Engagement

  • Almost every consumer uses mobile devices in their daily lives for various tasks and activities, right from buying groceries to paying utility bills, looking for new offers and discounts from various consumer brands, using ride-hailing apps, and much more. Businesses need to provide real-time information; otherwise, they will miss opportunities.
  • Intelligent chatbots or AI chatbots can provide customers with real-time information without the client having to wait in a long queue to speak to a human agent so they are able to avoid those wait times and get instant responses, which leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • AI-powered chatbots are also able to offer personalization with the ability to provide recommendations to end-users, allowing businesses to cross-sell and up-sell products that customers may not have initially considered. A simple example could be booking a flight ticket through an online app, which then triggers further questions such as “Would you like to book a hotel or a cab?” and more.

Ability to Scale

  • AI-powered chatbots are easy to scale due to the reduced infrastructure support that is required and is also a lot cheaper when compared to hiring and training human resources. For brands that are planning to expand into different geographies and regions, there is always a challenge with the language barrier which can now be eliminated through intelligent chatbots.
  • Bi-lingual and multi-lingual contact centers were a USP whereas with conversational AI today, these contact centers can operate with great efficiency and productivity leading to profitability.

Valenta Conversational AI Implementation Process


Process Walkthrough

Deep Dive with the client on the current process

Process Design Documentation

Business Analysts Document the entire process for the Developers and provide feedback and suggestions to improve the process

Solution Design Documentation

Solution Architects finalize the Solutioning of the Process including any integrations and best practices to approach the implementation

UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

Allow users to test the process on live cases / accounts and modify / enhance the solution if needed
Deploy, go-live


Deploy the Solution on the Clients Environment

There is a sign-off at each step to ensure no sub-process or task is missed during the development phase and should there be any changes as per business requirements, the process is documented before redesign and development.

How Valenta Can Assist with Conversational AI Implementation

Our approach
Valenta believes in designing, modernizing, and building mission Critical technology systems which most clients depend on every day. We are focused, independent company, implementing Valenta’s Business-Unit Prototype, we make sure that strategic requirements are covered, and that the solution is built from end-to-end from a chosen business function.

Here are the three simple steps we take for AI / ML implementations :


Proof of Concept

Introduction: The Proof of Concept satisfies critical business as it validates the solution.

POC Goal: To help companies validate the opportunity hypothesis and get the green light for developing a full-fledged solution.

Key Benefit: Do not have to commit to Go Live if the solution does not work

Importance: POC allows a Business to test out the Solution on its own applications and processes, therefore, giving stakeholders the power to test the solution before having to purchase it.


Full Implementation

In this phase, new scenarios are added, and more focus is put on common understanding, consistency, and the accuracy.

Based on the learning experiences, new enhancements and features are proposed and implemented.

Work is focused on further adoption at the same time making sure that settled users are not impacted by the changes.


Managed Service

We provide Conversational AI as a Service for a Fixed Monthly subscription that gives Businesses greater control on their Cashflow.

We handle the entire process from Design to Development, Triggering and Scheduling the Bot, Monitoring and Optimizing Bot Performance, and On-going Maintenance.

Valenta is agile in providing accurate reporting. We strive to enhance the consistency of the analysis, respond to changing business needs and provide solutions.

An essential part is setting up necessary protection to minimize risk and protect AI assets.

End Results
The end results will consist of a centralized team in charge of finding and promoting interesting analysis across the entire organization.

Local teams will be empowered to create and innovate. The centralized team identifies the most successful work being done at a local level and provides a platform to share and promote this work at a corporate level.

Conversational AI as a Valenta Managed Service

Managed Services for Conversational AI helps make projects achievable

Valenta’s Managed service is designed to Measure and Govern AI programs to align with business outcomes. Using a Managed Service not only offers Companies a much faster ROI, but it also enables organizations to repurpose their in-house resources to more revenue driven activities.



Discover opportunities powered by AI and your people


Build AI quickly, from simple to advanced
Deploy, go-live


Manage, deploy, and optimize AI at enterprise scale


Run AI through robots that work with your applications and data


Engage people and robots as one team for seamless process collaboration

Key Benefits of Conversational AI Managed Services

  • No upfront investment in AI resources
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Accelerated path to business insights
  • Easily scalable based on long-term or short-term requirements
  • Access to latest technologies and best practices

Valenta’s Value Proposition

  • Enterprise-level AI with the reduced cost of ownership
  • Improve processing time using a scalable and robust solution
  • Securely store processed data and analysis artifacts in various file formats and modes
  • Efficiently operate and supervise ongoing operations of AI processes
  • A deeper understanding of the interdependencies of various components of Conversational AI
  • Implementing high ROI systems is a testimony to our depth in the Automation and AI space

Unleash the Power of Conversational AI



Work with Valenta to define your Conversational AI Strategy. Most Companies have started using Conversational AI but struggle to derive value from these Bots and that’s primarily due to the lack of understanding of how the technology works and having unrealistic expectations.



Conversational AI is a process where Conversational Bots use large volumes of data, machine learning and natural language processing to mimic human interactions by recognizing a user’s speech or text patterns and these Bots can offer real-time responses by gathering data from multiple applications in seconds which improves customer and employee satisfaction.



Conversational AI implementation in an organization increases productivity and profitability. The digital workforce allows the human workforce to focus on more revenue-generating and high-end tasks that create more value for the business and the end customer.



Organize your tests and execute continuously or on-demand. Create logical test sets of application and RPA test cases, then manage how they are executed. Seamless integration with UiPath Orchestrator means you can execute tests directly, on a schedule or via continuous integration triggers.



At Valenta, our team of Conversational AI Developers and Business Analysts work closely with you to identify your pain points, understand your business landscape, and recommend suitable solutions to meet your business goals and objectives.

Embark on your Digital Transformation Journey


Automation Strategy

  • Create a structure to handle business requirements
  • Build an Automation / AI or Digital First Culture across the organization
  • Monitor Data to constantly build trust
  • Maintain a Roadmap to optimize and track Data Goals.

Process and Task Mining

  • Task Mining – analyze work people do to find every day, repetitive tasks
  • Process Mining – analyze data from business applications to understand end to end processes
  • Task Capture – easily document and map business workflows
  • Central Hub – centrally capture and manage automation opportunities and process improvements, prioritized by impact and ROI

Cloud Migration

  • Cost Reduction
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Enhanced Data Security
  • Operational Efficiency

Data Driven Insights

  • Measure the performance of AI operations
  • Calculate Conversational AI impact on your bottom line
  • Enable data driven decisions across your organization
  • Forecasting
  • Improves governance across the Organization

Valenta Expertise

We integrate with several platforms to enable greater flexibility and speed to results.

And more…

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