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Virtual Medical Assistants & Medical Scribes

Healthcare Providers Can Benefit from Virtual Medical Assistants and Medical Scribes

Virtual Staff Augmentation can allow Healthcare Professionals to have more time for patients and high-value work

Improve Productivity, Profitability, and Patient Satisfaction with Virtual Medical Assistants

The healthcare industry is faced with an ever-increasing workload and administrative tasks. Insurance, governmental requirements, and the documentation of care all require significant paperwork. Virtual Medical Assistants or Remote Medical Assistants can help alleviate some of this burden. These specialists are trained to perform administrative tasks, allowing healthcare practitioners to focus more on their patients. With a Virtual Medical Assistant, healthcare providers can improve productivity, profitability, and patient satisfaction. They also can improve their job satisfaction by spending more time with patients.

Take the Administrative Burden off of Healthcare Practitioners

Virtual Medical Assistants serve as an extension of a healthcare provider’s back-office team, offering record-keeping, customer service, billing, and accounting, and EMR management services. This allows healthcare practitioners to focus on what they do best – providing medical care. Virtual Medical Scribes can be an essential part of healthcare operations. Their main goal is to take the administrative burden off of healthcare practitioners, allowing them to focus solely on patient care. Virtual Medical Scribes accurately enter orders, billing information, and vitals in real-time, improving patient flow and overall efficiency.

Virtual Medical Assistant Staff Augmentation

With increasing compliance requirements, tighter reimbursements, and a focus on patient experience, our services can make a huge impact for providers. Valenta’s Virtual Medical Staff provides a solution that is both highly trained and qualified. By outsourcing administrative tasks, healthcare providers can improve their overall operations, reduce costs, and improve the bottom line, … all while providing better care to their patients.

Managing Partners Across the US Who Know Healthcare

We have local managing partners located across the US with extensive backgrounds in healthcare. They work closely with our offshore teams to deliver the highest quality of services. Our local US managing partners can help you determine if these virtual services may help. They are available to speak about how virtual medical assistants and scribes can transform a healthcare facility or practice.

Valenta’s Virtual Medical Assistants Assist Healthcare Providers with the following

  • Manage Contact Center operations – Inbound and Outbound Calls, Email and Chat
  • Appointment Scheduling – Manage Appointments, rescheduling and cancellations
  • EMR Management – Ensure EMR is always up-to-date. Edit and modify as needed
  • Prior Authorization – manage the entire Prior Authorization process
  • Patient Triage
  • Complete Patient Charts
  • Managing incoming and outgoing referrals
  • Insurance Follow-ups
  • Ensure the highest level of quality
  • Perform day-to-day duties with high accuracy
  • Effectively communicate all escalations to the supervisor
  • Resolve queries in a timely manner working around the established TAT's (turnaround times)
  • Strictly adhere to the SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  • Train new resources as and when required
  • Understanding processes and documenting them as detailed SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) as and when required

Valenta’s Virtual Medical Scribes assist Healthcare Providers with the below

  • Urgent Care Scribing
  • Emergency Room Scribing
  • Cardiology Scribing
  • Ophthalmology Scribing
  • Radiology Scribing
  • Endocrinology Scribing
  • Neurology Scribing
  • Surgery & Orthopedic Scribing
  • Hematology & Oncology Scribing and much more

Why Choose Valenta?


Local Presence

Valenta has Managing Partners located in cities and states across the US. Our Managing Partners add a local presence that most outsourcing and staff augmentation providers do not offer. Valenta Managing Partners stay engaged with our clients and remain an ongoing resource and a key part of the account team for clients.


Flexible Engagements

Valenta offers flexible month to month agreement to all customers in the US. We charge an onboard fee and then bill monthly with no lock in contracts. Our flexible plans allow our customers to ramp up fast and also scale down quickly as required. Simply stated, we take the hassle out of staff augmentation.

Dedicated Resources, Plan

Dedicated Resources

Unlike many outsourcing and staff augmentation service providers Valenta provides dedicated resources. Our clients work with a dedicated Valenta employee and not an anonymous team of workers. Valenta resources get to know our US clients’ processes. They interact with our customers like any other virtual employee.


Staff Augmentation Team

We bring a team to every staff augmentation engagement. In addition to local Managing Partners, every resource is managed by a Valenta Team Leader supervising several other team members in similar roles. Our Team Leaders report to Regional Services Heads who also manage recruitment. Bottom line: Valenta frees up our customers time and takes HR headaches away.


Global Labor Pool

It is increasingly hard to find staff to fill roles in the US. Often, even if a role can be filled, it exceeds the budget for a given role. By leveraging Valenta staff augmentation our clients can tap into labor pools in countries across the world. These include Columbia, Trinidad, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Soon we also will add services in eastern Europe and Northern Africa.


Process and Transparency

The Valenta Way is part of everything we do. We have tried and tested documented processes for delivering high-quality staff augmentation for customers in the US. Because we follow the same methods and process every time, all that we do is transparent and easily shared with clients.

operations, process

Comprehensive Services

Valenta can help clients with staff augmentation across the board. Every function of a business whether it is Accounting, Finance, IT, Operations, HR, Sales, Marketing or Support has roles that can potentially be outsourced. Valenta has staff to serve all these departments and business processes. We fill traditional roles and new information economy positions.

Compliance and Security

Valenta is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. We take compliance and security seriously. We operate service centers in the countries we operate in. Valenta has both physical and non-physical controls to ensure our company and client data is not compromised.

We Also Implement RPA bots and AI for the Healthcare Space

Watch an RPA bot Perform Healthcare Billing Functions

Continuous Improvement and Processes for Healthcare

Our Virtual Medical Assistants and Medical Scribes deliver business value to our clients by the reducing cost of operations, helping them attain world-class cost structures, and implement effective controls. We have standardized their process with a high degree of Automation and AI.

We have a comprehensive and integrated Medical Assistant service capability. Furthermore, we augment our capability by continuously investing in building AI and ML expertise through:

  • Continuous investment in Automation and AI Technologies
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures for each of our clients
  • Provide clients with a Real-Time Visibility Platform
  • A Dedicated Healthcare Academy, which focuses on increasing domain expertise

Medical Assistant Software Expertise


And More…

Valenta Pricing Packages:

Medical Assistant
Full Time

From $ 1,600 per month

Medical Scribe
Full Time

From $ 1,600 per month

Medical Biller
Full Time

From $ 2,000 per month

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