Proof of Concept

Valenta provides digital transformation consulting and software implementation. We also provide digital transformation as a service. The areas where we provide managed services and consulting include RPA bots, conversational AI, intelligent document processing, hyperautomation, and many other AI and machine learning applications. On this page are various explainer videos relating to digital transformation. Also included are several proof of concept videos we have prepared plus working AI, RPA bot, intelligent document processing, and conversational AI solutions which we have delivered. Solutions and POC’s helped our clients to solve real world challenges. In all cases, they also helped businesses streamline operations and improve and optimize processes. Our digital transformation team is a unique blend of onshore managing partners and consultants in the United States combined with nearshore and offshore experts and developers. Our Valenta team is able to deliver projects cost effectively and on time. We hope you enjoyed this page highlighting some of our work. Please reach out to us at any time to discuss how AI, RPA bots, conversational AI, Machine Learning, and intelligent document processing might be able to benefit and streamline your business.